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Maximize Efficiency with High-Powered Crane Service & Rentals

Safeguard your project from delays and damages when you use our crane services, which are fully manned and maintained by certified crane operators. We pride ourselves on only hiring the best and most experienced professionals in the industry, and we promote continual training and learning experiences to ensure our team stays up to date on OSHA regulations and best practices. As the area's premier crane service company, rely on us to deliver exceptional, timely results every time.

TDS Erectors & Crane Service offers a wide range of crane rental services, ranging from six-ton machines and boom cranes to 350-ton all-terrain cranes. Each of our cranes is manned and maintained by an expert crane operator, eliminating the need for you to hire additional labor. We also provide general and mechanical contractors at your request to help with any aspect of your construction project. Whether you need assistance with standard heavy hauling or require specialty rigging for your project, we have the Equipment and skills necessary to get the job finished efficiently and correctly.


  • Choose from a wide range of models, including boom trucks, deck cranes, pickers, and heavy-duty cranes that range from 40- to 350-ton weight capacities.
  • Get comprehensive crane rentals that include operators and contractors to ensure optimal results. Rely on us for all your specialty rigging needs and get the equipment installation and relocation services your project requires.
  • With our certified technicians, ensure your mill maintenance is completed by a reliable and experienced crane rental company.
  • Cranes include: 350 ton, 275 ton, 210 ton, 110 ton, 100 ton, 90 ton, 60 ton, 40 ton, 38 ton boom truck, 33 ton boom truck, 15 ton deck crane, 15 ton picker, 14 ton boom truck, 10 ton deck crane, 8.5 ton broderson, 6 ton deck crane
  • Protect your project from disaster with qualified NCCCO-certified crane operators.
  • Get the right professionals for each piece of Equipment your project requires.
  • Ensure your operation is completed on time by hiring qualified professionals.
  • Rest easy knowing that we have spent more than 45 years mastering our methods, techniques, and safety procedures.
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